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3 factors to consider if you’re long-distance co-parenting

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Family Law And Divorce |

Parents who go through a divorce won’t necessarily always remain in the same area. This means that one parent may be a long-distance parent at any given time. Finding ways to make this situation as stable as possible for the children can benefit them considerably.

Co-parents who can work as a cohesive parenting team can take steps to better ensure that their children can still have meaningful relationships with both parents. It may be easier to do this if both adults are willing to negotiate solutions when problems arise.

Virtual visits can provide a connection

Long-distance co-parenting may involve virtual visits that use video chats, texting or other online methods for keeping in touch with the children. You can do a lot with these visits, but the general goal of them is to bridge the gap between in-person parenting time stretches. For example, you can use them to play board games with your kids or read a book. Watching movies and helping with homework are other possibilities. Think about what your children enjoy so you can try to find creative options for your virtual visits as well.

In-person parenting time might require creativity

Some parents assume that the children always have to come to them, but this may not be what’s best. Children sometimes have school during the week and extracurricular activities on weekends. This can make it hard for them to travel. One option is for the long-distance parent to travel to see the children as they can. This can provide in-person contact in between the longer times when the kids can visit the long-distance parent.

Co-parenting may change as your kids mature

Co-parenting agreements are set based on what the children need when the agreement is created. As the children mature, their needs may change. A co-parenting agreement may, therefore, need to be modified to address a child’s evolving circumstances. Working with a legal representative who can assist with getting an initial agreement together and help with future modifications can help parents to better ensure that they safeguard their own rights, and their child’s needs, alike.